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Unusual Lubbock pet is declared dangerous

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -  An unusual critter is in animal services' custody after he was declared dangerous.  Booger is a member of the raccoon family, known as a coati.  He is also a Lubbock man's pet.

"We had some neighbors that were pretty scared of it, he had gotten out of it a couple of times," said Animal Services Director Kevin Overstreet

Booger was declared a dangerous animal at a Lubbock Animal Hearing on Wednesday.  Animal Services Director Kevin Overstreet says his department received several calls from neighbors that Booger was roaming around the neighborhood. "He had gone up to the lady's home and scared her and then went after some of my staff members who were trying to pick him up," said Overstreet.   

While in animal control's custody, Booger bit one of the supervisors, this is the reason for the dangerous animal hearing.

After the bite, the animal shelter is required by law to hold Booger for supervision for 30 days before he can go back to his owner.  Now Booger's owner must put up signs around his home declaring that he owns a dangerous animal, the animal must stay in a kennel, and be neutered.  "The vets will tell you that a neutered or spayed coati will help calm him down a little bit, but the main thing is we want to make sure that our citizens are safe from animals," said Overstreet.

Overstreet says there have been very few coatis in the Lubbock area over the years, but they are usually calm and easy to deal with.  "I think he'll do fine with this particular animal if he'll just follow our restrictions that we've placed on him and make sure he stays in a secure environment," said Overstreet.

If animal services receives another complaint about Booger, he could face possible euthanized. "If at all possible we try to refrain from euthanizining animals unless we just absolutely have to. I believe this gentleman is trying to be a responsible pet owner but on the same hand he has to be mindful that we have to protect our citizens," said Overstreet.

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