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Food for Thought Report 12.12

Twenty-nine local and county food establishments were on the agenda for city inspectors this week. What they found isn't a long list, but there is one top and one low to tell you about.We start with our Top Performer. In business for 19 years, it's a second generation family owned restaurant. Let's load up our plate with another edition of Food for Thought.

We've seen them on the top performing list before and this week they're back. Country Plate Diner at 1301 50th St. gets zero critical violations this week. "Everybody just works as a team and we try to make everything clean and up to par before the end of the day for the beginning of the next day so that our customers are our top priority," says Owner Anna Williams.

The restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and once the doors close, the cleaning begins. Williams says the entire staff wants to create a comfortable feeling for their customers--from the atmosphere to the food. "We want them to feel like this is home away from home and the cooking is kind of a home style atmosphere," says Williams.

Now on to our only Low Performer this week. Ranch House Restaurant at 1520 Buddy Holly avenue gets four critical violations.

  • An employee was observed in the kitchen handling raw food and then handling ready to eat food without washing hands between job duties.
  • A dented can of ketchup was found in a can rack in a storage area.
  • Several items including beans, rice, and mashed potatoes were found in a walk in cooler without proper date marking.
  • Acrylic cutting boards were found scored and soiled.

Other violations included floors in the kitchen in need of resealing, a soiled vent hood and lights in the grill area are missing proper shielding.

The Manager at Ranch House Restaurant told us the complied with all recommendations and all critical violations were corrected on site. The report states that as well.

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