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Council Members Discuss Changes at Lake Alan Henry

The future of Lake Alan Henry includes more docks and a marina, and the good news is if you live in Lubbock you'll get to pay less to make it happen.

On Thursday, in the weekly meeting of the city council the Lake Alan Henry committee presented its ideas for development, preservation and fees. The proposal includes a discount for Lubbock lake goers, but out of towners will have to pay a higher fee to use the lake.

"Look for ways to fund the improvements that need to be out there so that people can have a safe and a good time at the lake but allow the people who are from Lubbock who paid to build the lake a discount for doing so," says Tony Privett, Director of Communications & Legislation.

For the look at the complete Lake Alan Henry power point presentation, (click here). You will need Microsoft PowerPoint installed to view.

Also on the agenda was the possible rate increases for Atmos energy customers, formally known as Energas. The increase wouldn't effect the price of gas, but instead the service fees, including the cost to connect or reconnect service, but for now there will be no change. The Council moved the item to next weeks agenda due to a citizen letter opposing the rate hike. The letter requires the Council to hold a public hearing on the issue, they'll schedule that at the next meeting.

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