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PCA's subsidiary in Plainview also files for bankruptcy

PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - There is new information on the Plainview Peanut Plant. That facility along with its sister plant in Blakely, Georgia have been blamed for a nationwide outbreak of Salmonella poisoning that, according to media reports, sickened more than 700 people (possibly 900 or more according to some reports) and killed nine.  

The parent company, Peanut Corporation of America, had already filed bankruptcy.  Now, its subsidiary, Plainview Peanut Company, also files bankruptcy.  This is a Chapter 7 filing, which means the assets will be sold off and the company will no longer exist. 

The court records are a local who's who.  Plainview Peanut Company owes money to Atmos and Xcel; the city of Plainview; the IRS, and Texas Comptroller; several local banks, and even company President Stuart Parnell.  More court documents are due Monday. 

Creditors are invited to a meeting June 24th in Lynchburg Virginia.

Click here for the Plainview Peanut creditors or Click here  for the Plainview Peanut petition.

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Salmonella cases near 700
The number of salmonella cases linked to the Peanut Corporation of America climbs to 691, but the outbreak is slowing down.

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