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Carl Isett to Run for Larry Combest's Seat

The list of candidates is growing. NewsChannel 11 has learned that State Representative Carl Isett will run for Larry Combest's soon-to-be-vacant seat in the U.S. House. Nothing at this time is official, but Carl Isett says he will make it official this coming Monday, December 16th. Isett just returned this week from a month long mission to Singapore for the U.S. Naval Reserves. He says he made this decision while he was in Singapore.

Isett says his recent 26-day mission to southeast Asia in support of ships going to the Persian Gulf, helped him to make a decision about his future. "It just makes you think about the price paid for freedom. It made me understand that if there's anything worth protecting in this country, it's preserving freedom for the next generation," says Isett.

On Monday, Isett will formally announce his intentions to run for Congressman Larry Combest's seat. He says his campaign will center around issues like viable agriculture programs, an energy policy insulated from liberal environmentalism and giving state's freedom to govern themselves. Isett says the Texas legislature is all too often tied up because of heavy regulation from Washington D.C. "We have to give Texas the ability to do what's best for Texas," says Isett.

Isett's campaign will likely see some resistance even from loyal supporters. Why? Many feel he is too valuable to Lubbock on the state level, and losing his influence in Austin might be a set-back to issues important to West Texas. "I think all of the skills that I've put into representing Lubbock and West Texas well in Austin are the same skills that will make me successful for this area in Washington," says Isett.

The list of candidates who have announced their intentions now stands at eight.

  • Lubbock land developer Randy Neugebauer
  • Lubbock Retina Surgeon Dr. Donald May
  • Former Lubbock County Court-at-Law Judge Will Dodson,
  • Businessman Mike Greer
  • TDCJ worker Larry Johnson
  • Former Midland Mayor Carroll Thomas
  • Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland
  • Bill Christian of Midland

Isett's plan is to continue serving as a State representative during his campaign. He won't resign to run. With the state legislature convening in January to a $5 billion state budget deficit, Isett says he will spend little time campaigning.

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