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Five Ladies Make Special "Thyme" for Friends for Almost 20 Years

The holiday season means many of us will be spending time in the kitchen making that special holiday meal. But for one group of friends, that huge task has become more than a tradition -- it's a way of life that started more than 16 years ago. Meet the fabulous five, there's Phyllis, Stephanie, and Diane, all of Lubbock, and with them in spirit, are Jan and Debbie of Fort Worth.

"We started calling ourselves the fabulous five because there's five of us, and as Debbie says we are fabulous," says Stephanie McKee.

These five ladies started the fabulous five tradition of coming together to cook more than 16 years ago and have kept it going ever since.

"One of the big traditions in our group is we started having a progressive Christmas party 16 years ago, and when we lived here, we literally progressed to each others' homes and we'd have the appetizer one place, soup, salad the next," says McKee.

And all those delicous dinners mean the recipes started piling up, so they each made a notebook filled with their favorite recipes.

"You had to type everything up and list your menu. Phyllis' notebook was always the neatest and most organized, not mine, I mean I have it, and it's all intact but it's probably not in order, and I'd always be losing things and I'd call Phyllis and say 'Phyllis where's that recipe for' and she'd just flip right to it," says McKee.

Little did they know racking up recipes would make them famous. In fact, they were featured in this week's edition of Texas Country Reporter. They titled their cookbook "Always Enough Thyme" because they say there's always enough time for great friends, fabulous food, and spirited fun.

"We talk about how much we love to cook we really love to eat," says McKee.

Their love for cooking and each other gets them through life's tough times. Including the time when Jan lost her baby and when Debbie fought breast cancer.

"It quickly became more about friendship than anything else, and they've become family. We've made a committment that we want to be lifelong friends. We want to share the ups and downs of each others' lives," says Diane Earl.

"To know you've got a core group of friends that are with you during the lows is important. There's something about preparing a meal together and sitting down and enjoying it, we just love that," says McKee.

Their cookbook called "Always Enough Thyme" is available for $20 at local stores like Barnes and Noble. For more information about the Fabulous Five, you can (click here). You can see their story on Texas Country Reporter Sunday morning, December 15th at 8:00 a.m. right here on NewsChannel 11.

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