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Rescan your digital TV on Friday

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week we want to make sure you are ready for the Big Switch. There are now just three days left before the digital transition.

 Let's focus on rescanning your digital televisions.

Something important to keep in mind, even if you don't have a converter box and you get your signal over the air, you will need to rescan your digital TV or you will miss out on your favorite NewsChannel 11 programming.

Conan, The Office, and NewsChannel 11 at six could all be gone, if you don't take the correct actions on Friday. If you have a digital television and you get your signal over the air, you will need to rescan.  Al Pollack is the Sr. Manager at Radio Shack on 50th Street and shows us how to perform a channel rescan.  "You're going to go on your remote and hit your menu button, you going to arrow over go to auto search or add on search," said Pollack. 

The difference, if you pick add on search, it will just search for channels that you don't already have. Pollack suggests that you pick auto search and let it rescan all over again, to make sure you don't miss anything. "It can take up to 30 minutes, now most of them take around five minutes to scan all the channels," said Pollack.

Once the scan is complete, you should receive digital channels. When you perform the channel rescan on Friday. "The picture should get a little better because you are going to turn up your power more which you haven't done, you'll notice it is a wide screen picture now it is not a square picture with the sides cut off or the bottoms cut off," said Pollack.   

If you run into some problems, here's something to consider.  "If you have metal siding or a metal roof you probably need an outdoor antennae, an indoor antenna not going to be able to pick it up you're going to have what we call a pixilated where the picture fades out and you see digitized squares that means your antenna's not strong enough again try moving it over a couple of inches and see if that will work if not you might need a larger antenna that's amplified or an outdoor antenna," said Pollack. 

Pollack suggests, it's a good habit to get into to rescan your digital TV about once a month.

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