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Re-channel your digital TV

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On June 12th at 7:00am KCBD NewsChannel 11 will be making the Big Switch to broadcast a 100% digital signal.

After hooking up a converter box or installing a new digital TV, you will need to scan for new channels to ensure you receive all the digital stations broadcasting in your area ... including KCBD.

You need to "re-channel" your TV only if you receive your signal using an antenna. If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you don't have to do anything!

Every TV is different, this is a list of resources to help you with your particular model.We've collected quite a few popular ones here for you ... but it's not a definitive list! Check some of the other links we've included below if you don't see your particular manufacturer here.

Here are some other helpful tips:

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