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The Postal Crunch Of The Holidays

Postal workers are sorting through thousands of pounds of mail soon to be delivered across the country. That day will probably be Wednesday, which is considered to be the busiest delivery day of the year, and for Lubbock FedEx workers, deliveries are also already on the rise and it's a job that, to say the least, can be grueling.

John Slyker locks the door to his FedEx truck more than a 150 times a day. "You get out of your truck, you grab your package, you run to the door. You run back to the truck and it's go go go, just like that."

John wishes someone would buy him a vacation for the holidays. "It's just high stress, you want to be able to get everybody their package."

This week, FedEx is delivering more than twice their normal load. "Trying to navigate through all the traffic is crazy. Heavy, lots of -- tons of delivery. This truck is packed from top to bottom." That's why you don't see many overweight FedEx guys. "I've lost 15 pounds in the three months I've been on this job."

And though he's not exactly a postal worker, the job still comes with its dangers, like yappy dogs. "Yeah, I was chased out of the backyard one time."

He normally delivers about 120 packages a day, but this week it's closer to 160. "Hi, I have a package for your neighbor, would you mind signing for it?" he says to a woman as he delivers a holiday package. "I prefer to leave it with somebody all the time," he says.

He scratches another name off his delivery list, and after a 12 hour day of delivering presents all John needs is a white beard and a pot belly. "People depend on me to get their gifts to them." Otherwise, he sees a resemblance. "Yeah, I could see that."

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