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Nic Vax Hopes to Prevent Teen Smoking

Another vaccine is now being tested that some hope will prevent teenagers from becoming life-long smokers. It's called the Nic Vax, which is short for nicotine vaccine. Here's the theory. When you smoke, nicotine goes straight to the brain, giving you a high that keeps you coming back for more, but the vaccine would create antibodies acting like a sponge, soaking up much of the nicotine before it gets to the brain.

"You don't get the feel goodness that nicotine provides you when it gets into the brain so if you stop that process it should help you stop smoking, said David Gury, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals.

Sounds good, but experts from the Centers for Disease Control say while the idea is interesting, they worry it could send children the wrong message. That as long as you don't get hooked, it's okay to smoke. "There's always the real great concern that we could have more kids experimenting with cigarettes because they could feel lulled into a sense of security," said Terry Pechacek of Centers for Disease Control.

There is probably plenty of time for debate on this one because Nic Vax is still in the early stages of testing. So, approval from the FDA would likely take years.

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