Aqua Line - Water Conservation

With the recent increase in Lubbock's water rates, it's clear NOW more than ever that Water Conservation is a top priority!  At Aqua-Line Irrigation, our slogan is "Conserving Lubbock's Water One Drop at a Time!"  This is something that we stand behind 100%!

Many pepole ask me how sprinkler systems will actually SAVE them money thru water conservation... There are a few answers to this question.

  1. With an automated sprinkler system you can set the days you want to water and length of time you want the system to run.  Most lawns with properly installed sprinkler systems only need 10-15 minutes of watering per station.  So, if a system had 6 stations it would only need to run for 60 - 90 minutes for the entire lawn.  If you water with a single sprinkler attached to a garden hose it could 10 times that long!
  2. Also, how many times have you forgotten to turn your hose and sprinkler off?  The next thing you know water is running down the street!  With an automated system you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on!
  3. Over watering or under watering, either your wasteing water or you've got a dead lawn... Not with an automated sprinkler system!  With an automated system you can dial it in so that you get just the right amount of water on your lawn!