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NewsChannel 11 Investigates: Cell Phone Myths

By Nicole Pesecky - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Almost everyone has a cell phone, but do you really know what the device is capable of doing? NewsChannel 11 Investigator Nicole Pesecky has the 411 on cell phone myths.

You can use your cell phone to do just about anything these days. That's *almost* anything. People use them to take pictures or video, or check your email. But what cell phones can or can't do, could surprise you.  

You might have heard the myth that if you've locked your keys in your car you can unlock it by holding the hand held remote to the cell phone receiver and simply pressing unlock. This is false and here's why - keyless entry systems transmit a different radio frequency that can't be effectively transferred via cell phone.

To avoid 411 directory charges, call 1-800-FREE-411. Be patient, you'll have to listen to a commercial first before you get the number. If you prefer texting, text Google to 466-453. Include the information you need in a message, and you'll get instant results.

Another myth, if you use your cell phone while pumping gas, your car will blow up. According to several web sites this is false. The manager at T-mobile in Lubbock says it's usually the static electricity that causes sparks, not the cell phone. Cell phones are generally incapable of producing enough electrical discharge to ignite gas.

Concerned parents, you can check out exactly where your child is with your cell phone, without even pressing the call button. If you have AT&T and you sign up for family maps. Dan Matsler, the AT&T store manager says, "This service will work with literally any device." You can also use your computer or cell phone to track down your loved ones.

Many cell phones are more like TVs and radios now days. What's not a myth is that your cell phone can name any song playing and the artist using Music ID or Shazam.

And if you've missed your favorite show on NBC, head to their mobile site:   

Be aware, some of these features require Internet access on your phone or a text message package or it will cost you.

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