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The Light Keeper: Does It Work?

Getting your house all gussied up for the holidays is an exciting time, but can also be frustrating. It is standard procedure to test the lights you have had in storage for about a year. It also figures that half of the strand works, and the other half doesn't. Now your job is to find that one light bulb that is keeping your strand of lights from illuminating. That is when The Light Keeper comes in handy.

The Light Keeper costs $26 and the maker claims it can find the problem in three ways. First, using the quick trigger, I plugged the strand of lights into the tool. The directions say to click the trigger four times and plug the strand of lights back into the outlet, "nothing."

The second way to find out what is wrong with your light strand is using the continuity detector. This time we have to plug it into the outlet, push the black button on top of the tool until it beeps and then scan down the light strand until it stops beeping. After scanning the strand, "looks like I found our bulb."

Now that I found the culprit, I tested to see if the light worked. I took the bulb out if its socket and plugged it into the bulb tester on top of the tool. Now that I knew this was a burned out bulb, I replaced it with a new one that came with The Light Keeper. Next, I plugged it in and see if it would light up, and it did not. So I kept scanning the rest of the strand. "I don't think this one's working either."

Again, I took the bulb out to test it, "it's working okay so I was wrong." Then after putting the bulb back into its socket the strand of lights started flickering. A good indication the connection was bad. After a few good jiggles, I got the light strand up and running.

Guess what, The Light Keeper works!

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