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Bike safety reminders for summer

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It goes without saying that parents want to keep their children safe during summer vacation. On Monday, a car hit a Plainview child riding a bike, and in April, another car and bike accident sent a Lubbock child to the hospital with serious injuries. For kids, getting out of school for the summer and riding your bike with friends means freedom, but that freedom comes with risks.

Ginger Sullivan decided to enroll her daughter Christian in bike riding and safety lessons this summer. "It's very important with how quickly Lubbock is growing and how many cars are out on the road. It's important that she know that the cars are there even if the bikes are on the same road as well," said Sullivan. 

Christian's coach is Charlie Madgwick, the director of Safety City in Lubbock. He says it's important for kids to wear a helmet and know the proper way to ride a bike. "I've learned how to keep my balance, and go straight, and turn corners," said Christian. 

Madgwick says it's just as important that kids know the rules of the road. "They have to obey the same rules and regulations that a car has to obey, because they're treated just the same way," he said. 

Some of the traffic laws he says are especially important to note are groups should ride one behind the other, not side by side in the street.  He says riders should stay in the right hand lane and pay attention to both Yield and Stop signs.

Ginger hopes knowing these rules will keep her daughter safe as she learns how to ride her bike. "It's only her second day, and she's already off training wheels, riding like a pro. I'm very impressed," said Sullivan. 

If you are interested in bike riding and safety lessons you can call Safety City at 767-2712. It's $40 for 5, 30 minute lessons. They also have a camp June 22-26 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for $75.

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