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HealthWise at 5 From 12.20

  • Smokers Insurance

Smokers offered free access to anti-smoking drugs were no more likely to quit than those who had to pay for it themselves. A new report notes that over 2,000 smokers took part in the study some with insurance coverage and some without. About 40% of the people with benefits tried to quit and an equal percentage of those tried to quit at their own expense. The study concludes that merely offering smoking cessation benefits doesn't mean people will try to quit smoking you still have to really want to quit to make it happen.

  • Super-Heated Foods

Potato chips and french fries can stay on your menu, if you eat them once in a while. Recent concerns over a carcinogen called Acrylamide being found in super-heated high-carbohydrate foods like chips, french fries, and fried bread products gave some consumers a scare. The Institute of Food Technologists says that while more needs to be learned about Acrylamide, there is no reason to avoid foods like potato chips. As long as you remember moderation is the key to healthy eating.

  • Holiday Allergies

If your "springtime" allergies seem to be flaring up now you might want to look at your holiday decor. Experts at NYU's School of Medicine say that your Christmas tree can provoke allergy attacks. A chemical in tree sap can aggravate sensitive people. Not only that, but pollen and mold spores can easily hide on branches adding to your woes. Artificial trees aren't without problems either, those convenient trees can become a haven for dust, dust mites and molds. So if you have allergies don't delay putting the tree away as soon as Christmas is over.

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