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Troops Return Home

You know someone really misses you when the "Welcome Sign" is plastered to the front of a tank.

"I'm feeling very excited," said one little girl.

"I'm happy and just, well, everything," said Debbie Garza.

For the one hundred families gathered at the Lubbock Reserve Center, the wait was almost over. Their husbands, brothers, and fathers were about to return from Guantanamo Bay, the home of Camp X-Ray. It's the detention facility for the Taliban and Al Queda. Their mission for the past six months? "They were responsible for the protection and security of the detainee facility," said Lt. Col. Lee Henry.

Guarding Camp X-Ray is a high profile job that's had many spouses worried. "We've been pretty nervous about it, you know, just listening to everything that's going on. Every time something else happens, you know, we worry. I guess about what could happen," said Garza.

But today, the only thing that will happen will be the arrival of two Trailway busses, filled with hugs, and kisses and tears. "I love you," said Garza to her husband Reuben.

And somehow, after all that time apart, with so much to talk about, words simply disappear. "I'm just happy to be home," said Reuben Garza. "It's been a long seven months away from my family. I'm just glad to be home right now," he said.

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