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Child obesity may be risk factor for cancer later on

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Pancreatic cancer is the nation's fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. It's hard to diagnosis because it's often discovered too late. But new research shows that simply maintaining a healthy weight, especially while you're young can increase the odds at preventing the disease.

Dr. Donghui Li, Ph,D. for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center says. "Weight control at early age, at young adulthood is most important to reduce the risk of cancer. Increasing evidence suggests that there is association between being overweight and obesity with the risk of pancreatic cancer."

While excess weight is a known risk factor linked to pancreatic cancer, few studies have looked specifically at age when it comes to that risk. But now, a study at M.D. Anderson is featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association. After studying more than 800-patients, researchers there believe that obesity as a teen or young adult significantly increases the risk of pancreatic cancer later in life.

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