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The Snuggie: Does It Work?

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER & LUBBOCK, TX (KLTV & KCBD) - It's the blanket with sleeves that keeps you warm while keeping your hands free. So you can type, write, knit, tickle a baby or change the channel all while you stay in the comfort of your blanket.

Despite my "hot-naturedness", I sacrificed my own comfort and put the "Snuggie" to the "Does It Work?" test. OK, so I didn't sacrifice too long. I got too hot and decided to let other people who needed it try it out.

In our daily news meeting everyone tries to avoid sitting under the vent because it blows cold air. My tester tried it on and said he was warm. And, when the cell phone rang, guess who was able to answer it without removing his blanket.? Yep, my tester did. He was also able to read a book and change a channel, all in the warm comfort of his Snuggie.

We found that typing in the Snuggie was a breeze. "I love it," said one of my testers. "I want to take it home."

About the only thing bad anyone had to say was about the killer static electricity! You could power, well, a light saber with it! Hmm...I will have to try that out.

But, is the Snuggie truly one size fits all? On a 6 foot 3 frame it was perfect no matter the occasion or activity, but do keep it in the privacy of your home.

Does it Work? We give the Snuggie a "Yes."

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