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The Clapper: Does It Work?

Clap on, clap off -- clap on, clap off -- The Clapper! We've all seen this one advertised on television for years. Instead of using your fingers, just clap to turn your lights on and off. This sound activated on and off switching device costs $20. Two appliances can even be plugged into this little device. At Spears Furniture, I had my pick of the lamp litter and decided to do my test there.

Now, we've got two appliances here -- a television and a lamp. According to the makers, you can plug them both in to one clapper and turn them both on using two different styles of clapping. For instance, two claps and three claps. Let's give it a shot.

I plugged the lamp into the two-clap connection. I clapped twice and the lamp turned off. Okay, here's the TV, three claps, and then the TV turned off.

That test worked well. Now, we're going to try and turn the lamp back on. Okay, how about the TV. I clapped three times and nothing happened. I think because the TV is a newer model, you have to manually turn it on, the clapper will not turn the TV back on.

During my test, I also found out The Clapper is very sensitive. I was able to snap my fingers and the TV and lamp turned off.

You gotta give this product a hand -- it works.

However, for some, this is a great product, but this little device is so sensitive, my voice even activated The Clapper. It worked, yes, but I wouldn't buy it, but that's just me.

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