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Seat Belt Safety System Developed By Area Father

"I never planned on being in the seatbelt business," says Randy Reber. Randy's an Optometrist by profession, but he's also a father, and when his oldest son Ryan was about to get his license, the eye doctor focused on the startling statistics of auto accidents, teen driving, and seat belt use.

"There were 42,000 people killed in auto accidents last year, 60% of them were not wearing their seatbelts," said Reber. Add to that the fact that teenage drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident, making auto crashes the leading cause of teenage deaths.

"Somebody needs to do something about this problem," he said. That someone was Reber himself, creating the Start Safe Seatbelt System. It's designed to ensure that everyone buckles-up, every time.

"The system is not extremely bothersome, it creates a very positive behavior which is that you and I are going to ride around today with our seatbelts on," said Reber. A pressure sensor under the seat tells a computer that the seat is occupied - sounding a constant alarm until the seat belt is fastened.

"It makes buckling up better," said 16-year-old Ryan. I can ask them (my friends to buckle up) and not feel embarrassed or be an un cool thing to do," he said.

So far, Ryan is the only teenager with the system, but Randy hopes that Start Safe will soon be spreading peace of mind across the country. "Is this going to be a company that goes after the number one killer of teenagers, you're absolute straight it is," said Randy.

For more information on the Start Safe Seatbelt System you can call (806) 791-2345 or you can go online by (clicking here).

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