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2,000 dead cattle lead to TCEQ fine near Sudan

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A state investigation into a local feed yard finds roughly 2,000 dead cattle piled up on the property.  After someone complained in August 2008, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found the carcasses at the Sudan Feedyard Incorporated in Lamb County.

According to the TCEQ: "Approximately 2,000 cattle carcasses were improperly disposed of in multiple locations on the eastern portion of the facility.  The cattle carcasses were observed piled in open excavations, partially buried in piles, scattered on the ground, and piled on the ground in various states of decomposition creating a nuisance. Large quantities of flies and fly larvae were noted emanating from the carcasses."

On Friday, the agency approved an agreed order with the business, which means the dairy must pay a fine but does not have to admit wrongdoing.   The TCEQ fined Sudan Feedyard $7,280.  But because the owner cooperated with the investigation, the business will only have to pay $5,824.

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