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Controlled Chaos on Lubbock Streets

It's a quiet Christmas Eve at work for Ryan Lewis, but last night was an entirely different story. "It was extremely busy. Emergency vehicles were running up and down the roads, all over the intersections all over town," says Paramedic, Ryan Lewis.

Ryan says on average Lubbock EMS responds to about 75 calls a day, but last night? "Ems ran approximatley 50 calls in an hour," he says.  All together there were nearly 70 major wrecks. Ryan says the slick streets made it difficult getting to the accident scenes and once they arrived to help things became even more dangerous.

"All of us last night were standing on the scene working these accidents and you watch five other accidents happen in front of you and you also almost get hit," he says. 

In Lubbock alone more than a dozen paramedics and several dispatchers were on duty. Outside the city limits county emergency crews were also very busy.

Although crews were prepared to answer the calls Ryan says many of the accidents last night could have been prevented. "I would say 90% of accidents last night could have been avoided by slowing down and choosing alternative routes."

Although it seems like the wintery weather is past us. EMS workers says it's very possible there could still be some icy patches on bridges and overpasses. So be careful and of course slow down.

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