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A Christmas Pet Present

Their cries almost echo to the outside of the building -- desperate dogs anxiously waiting for someone to take a chance on them. At the Lubbock animal shelter, hundreds of unwanted animals come through this doggie prison; a prison mostly of hope.

"But we've got to get one that gets along with our dog at home," said one family looking to adopt a dog.

That is a sign; a glimmer of hope. It happens often here. From November 25th to December 25th, 120 dogs have been adopted. 69 cats have been adopted as well.

The admired puppy has been given the green. Shelter workers wrap its neck with a green bandana. It's going home for the first time.

"Here's your baby, she's got her rabies and her little collar," said Denise Jones, Animal Shelter Control Officer.

Holidays are tough for Jones. "We go home and give our animals our own love and gifts, and these guys are sitting out here. It's very sad. They all need homes," Jones said.

A job Jones says is well worth it, especially when she sees a happy dog or cat. And although animals can't speak, their actions do speak even louder of appreciation.

Jones says that adoption tends to increase over the holidays because parents are looking for a pet for their children. However, Jones says before getting your child a pet, sit down with them and tell them about the responsibilities of having a pet.

If you're interested in adopting a dog or a cat, you can call the Lubbock Animal Shelter at (806) 775 2060. Don't forget about The Haven shelter! They have 150 dogs and 120 cats ready for adoption. You can call them at (806) 765-5280.

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