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Leigh and Nick win "TODAY Show Wedding"

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Leigh Daniel, a Lubbock native and former Texas Tech track star and her fiancé Nick Cordes found out on Wednesday they won the all expenses paid wedding that will be live on the TODAY Show.

"For some reason when we went out to learn the verdict I had piece of mind either way, either way we are still going to get married, either way it's still good, but as soon as we read our names off I was ecstatic," said Daniel. 

But Leigh and Nick say they had a pretty good idea they were going to win. "We played a little game the second week and I made two pieces of paper and wrote we will make it, we won't make it, and I had Nick draw and he drew that we would make. And then this week, I said we have to do it again for good luck and he drew that we'd make it again. It was right," said Daniel.   

The wedding's theme is Napa Valley Vineyard, the gift for the wedding guests has been picked as well as the cake, but there is still a lot to decided, and it's up to you the viewers to choose.

"The first thing that will be left for the American public to vote on is the wedding dress," said Cordes. "Monday they are going to show the choices for the wedding gown and America will get to choose what I am going to wear," added Daniel.   

But the lucky couple says their dream wedding became reality because of the Hub City. "It was very obvious that we had a ton of support and we definitely attribute that to the support that we had from Texas Tech and Lubbock. We know that helped for sure," said Daniel. 

"Lubbock rocked it. It was awesome," said Cordes.

Leigh's dad says he couldn't be more excited for his daughter. "Anytime that you have a child that presents themselves as well as Leigh and comes across as well as she does, and she is genuine. I'm very proud of her and, once again, I'm proud of her and Nick. Nick is a good guy and I couldn't be more pleased for them," said Tab Daniel, father of the bride.

Daniel says both Leigh and Nick attribute part of their success to the Hub City. "One thing I'm in awe of is how much support Texas Tech and Lubbock have given Leigh and I just want to thank them for their support because their gratitude couldn't be greater for me," said Daniel.

The wedding will take place live on July 15th.

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