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Anesthesia drug comes up in Jackson investigation

LUBBOCK, TX( KCBD) - A powerful drug is making headlines now that a nurse says Michael Jackson begged to use it for his insomnia.

The drug is Propofol, sold under the brand name Diprivan, but don't think you can ask your doctor for it. It's a general anesthetic used to help knock out patients, not help you drift off to sleep before bed.

"This is a drug that is very powerful and should not be used for insomnia under any circumstances. Using Propofol for insomnia is sort of like using an elephant gun to hunt a squirrel," said Dr. Howard Nearman, an anesthesiologist.

Jackson's nurse says he asked for the drug, but she didn't give it to him. The official toxicology report could take several more weeks to complete.

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