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Steam Buddy: Does It Work?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Our first impression was that the Steam Buddy feels nice and solid, and you get a couple of attachments we'll show you later.

A measuring cup comes included. Tap water is acceptable, and the Steam Buddy is easy enough to fill up. Plug it in, and seconds later, it starts heating up, even before we pushed any buttons.

We started with the most wrinkled item we had, a child's shirt that looks like it came out of the dryer and then was hung up. It's 70% silk and then something else. So let's see what happens. We'll do just one side of each shirt for comparison's sake.

The directions warn against pushing the button too fast. Nothing major, just a little water, and of course, we have to see how fast too fast is. In about a minute we have a definite difference.

Let's try something else now. We popped on the fabric brush attachment, though we're not sure what it's for. It feels like a lint brush, but we'll try it on an all cotton shirt.

Again, just the part of the shirt on the left side. And again, in my haste pushing the button, I make a few water spots. But the final product leaves little doubt - the Steam Buddy made a difference.

Finally, these ladies' pants with some pretty heavy wrinkles. Most of the big wrinkles dropped out almost immediately. A few were tougher. But in the end, we were impressed.

Then we broke out the creasing tool. It clips on just like the fabric brush. Just put the pants in its grip and slide on down.

Very, very impressive, and probably the best reason to buy this steamer over any other. It worked great on shirts too.

Does it work? We give the Steam Buddy a yes. To purchase your own Steam Buddy online, (click here).

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