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Making the Incredible Edible Egg More Edible

According to the American Egg Board, the egg-laying hens produce 5.5-billion dozen eggs each year. But eating eggs regularly has been discouraged because eggs were thought to increase cholesterol. Now researchers at Eggland's Best in Pennsylvania have a lot to cluck about when it comes to providing healthier eggs to consumers. Their thoery is why not lower the hen's cholesterol first?

The makers of Eggland's Best Eggs say their eggs are unique because of what the hens are eating. "We use a feed supplement called Biotine that has extra Vitamin E in it, Sea Kelp, Alfalfa Meal, and some different vitamin mineral supplements and proprietary ingredients that improve the quality and nutrition of the eggs," says Eggland's Best Eggs Researcher, Bart Slaugh, Ph.D.

This special blend also means special benefits for consumers. "They have 25% less saturated fat, seven times more Vitamin E, three times more Oomega 3 Fatty Acids, two and a half times more Iodine. They provide the consumer anoption that will fit into that cholesterol conscious approach," says Slaugh.

Besides Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which help keep our hearts healthy, the makers say Eggland's Best Eggs contain about 25% more Lutein. Studies show this nutrient may help prevent macular degeneration keeping those nutrients in check is done with constant quality control. "The samples are blended and pooled together for each franchisee then they've freeze dried and a sub-sample is taken out of that and it goes through a chemical extraction process for the specific nutrient that we're testing for," says Slaugh.

The researchers use fed canola oil, Vitamin E and other nutrients in the feed istead of animal fat. Researchers found this reduces saturated fat and lowers cholesterol in the eggs. You can find Eggland's Best Eggs in all major supermarkerts. For more information, (click here).

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