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Statewide Manhunt Ends in Lubbock

Splintered wood from a shattered door was the only remaining evidence from a statewide manhunt for Eladio Camacho Navarro. He's a Houston resident suspected of shooting his 8-month-old daughter during a domestic argument with his wife.

"I had my baby here, like this," said Eladio's wife Alma. She says he pulled out a gun and fired at her, hitting the child in her arms. "And I said, 'Oh my God, you didn't kill me, you killed the baby!" she screamed.

It was then, say authorities, that Navarro fled Houston, driving nearly 10 hours to arrive at a house in Lubbock. Beatrice Rodriguez lives behind the house where Navarro was hiding, and says that the owner, Raoul Martinez, was in the dark to the whole situation. "I don't think he knows nothing about it, might be that man lied to him," he said.

Navarro's run ended just after midnight. "We looked out the windows and we just seen cops like from here all the way on, like they blocked off the road," said neighbor Rebecca Gutierrez. "There were a lot of cops yelling don't move or don't run!"

Gutierrez lives across the street and witnessed the arrest. "I seen him. He had a white shirt on, about this tall, dark, and they arrested him. They put him in the car. He was very cooperative with the cops," she said.

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