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Lubbockite Shanna Armstrong Competes in Swiss Gigathalon

LUBBOCK, TX - Ultra-athlete Shanna Armstrong will compete in the Swiss Gigathalon July 3-5 in Switzerland.  It is a national championship race bringing in over 6,000 athletes.

2009's Gigathalon is a three day race and includes five events - mountain biking, inline skating, swimming, road biking, and trial running.  Most competing in this year's race are on 2 or 5 person teams.  There are 200 solo competitors and approximately 25 women.  Armstrong is the only American female competing.

Armstrong attempted this race in '07 when it was a 900 mile, 7-day race.  She withdrew before completion due to a debilitating stomach bug. Shanna considers this year's race a training session for her competition in the 2013 race, which will again be a 7-day event.

Shanna has competed in two Race Across America events, once as part of a two-member, co-ed team, and once as an individual.  The co-ed team had the fastest finishing time in the 2005 race, from San Diego to Atlantic City, NJ.  They sailed through 3050 miles in at 8 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes.  As a solo competitor, Shanna was the only woman to finish the 2006 race, in 11 days, 22 hours, completing 3,043 miles.

Shanna will return to Lubbock on June 7th.  She will continue motivational speaking on behalf of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lubbock, as well as LISD students and corporations.  "It's important to me to tell kids my personal story and inspire them to realize that they can lead a great life if they will choose to surround themselves with positive people, embrace their talents, and work hard."

Shanna's sports bio includes dozens of accomplishments:  She is the only person to win the Ultraman World Championship five times, beating the world swim record by seven minutes to set a new course swim record; and won Third Place Female at the Badwater Ultramarathon, which is a 135 mile foot race.  Shanna has successfully competed in many other races, such as the Furnace Creek desert endurance race, four Ironman World Championships, and Southwest Challenge Series.  She has won over 75% of races in her age group.

For more information on Shanna and to follow her blog, (clickhere).
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