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County fireworks clean-up costly and time consuming

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After the July 4th fun is done, the not so fun part of cleaning up begins.

Last week NewsChannel 11 told you trash left in the county after the 4th of July is always a problem for the folks who live out there, and it seems this year was no different.  Farmers like Gary Bell spend hours picking up the trash left behind. "Well, I'm not very happy about it," Bell said. 

He was not surprised to find boxes, fireworks debris, bottles, and cans when he drove down the road that leads to his cotton fields Sunday morning. He says every Independence Day people litter the county during their celebrations. "People wouldn't think about going inside the city limits, in a business, and popping fire crackers and leaving their trash. There's no difference there than it is out here. This is our business. These cotton fields are where our office is," Bell said as he looked out over the litter scattered across his fields. 

Starting Monday morning Lubbock County will send crews out to pick up, putting other road projects on hold.  "Instead of working on road issues, they'll spend the next few days, probably up to the end of this week picking up trash," said Lubbock County Commissioner, Patti Jones. 

The county gets some help with the clean up from people who must do community service hours, but even with that help it costs tax payers thousands of dollars to pay for the clean-up.  "It could range anywhere up to 10,15, 20 thousand dollars just depending on how much trash we have out, how many hours they have to spend out, and how many people we have to put on the road," said Jones. 

Even with the help of county workers, Bell says he picks up most of it himself.  Bell doesn't mind people shooting off fireworks and enjoying themselves near his fields, but he wishes they would learn to clean up after.

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