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Terrorism Hits Close to Home for Area Family

The phone rang in the middle of the night. Half-asleep, Mary Caswell couldn't believe her ears. "I really thought I just misunderstood her, I said, 'What did you say?' and she said, 'Don has been shot,'" said Mary.

Donald Caswell, 49-year-old son to Mary and D.C., a Pharmacist doing missionary work in Yemen gunned down at a clinic by a Muslim extremist. "Something like this can happen," said Donald's father D.C. "I wasn't expecting it, but it didn't, you know, its not a big surprise that it did happen," he said.

For the Caswell's, Sunday nights attack confirmed a year and a half of worry. Arriving just three months before 9/11, Donald, his wife Terry and two sons Ben and Caleb, were just beginning their two year stint as missionaries in Yemen when the twin towers fell and the U.S. declared war on terrorism. "We were concerned but they were excited, and enjoyed their time with the Yemenis," said Mary.

The Caswell family wasn't supposed to return for another six months, but Sunday's shooting has D.C. anticipating an early return. "And I'm hoping he'll come home much sooner," he smiled.

In the meantime, Mary and D.C. exhibit remarkable strength in the face of senseless violence. "There's no anger, just a concern for his son and his family," said D.C. "I don't blame the Yemeni people for what one man did. I think there's terrorists everywhere," said Mary.

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