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Does It Work: The Final Four Product End of Year Wrap

The Ding King The Ding King
Light Keeper Light Keeper
The Roll-Away Hose The Roll-Away Hose
Brinks Home Security Fire Safe Brinks Home Security Fire Safe

The Ding King- Save a little money and pull dents from your car yourself. That's what the makers of the Ding King say, but does their product work? This is how it works, you take the glue gun, apply the glue to the pulling tab and place it on the middle of the dent. Now we have to let it dry for five minutes. After the glue dries, the instructions say to put the pulling bridge over the pulling tab and twist until the dent pops out. The pulling tab didn't stick to the glue at all. Not just once, but for every single test we did. Needless to say, that was money wasted.

Light Keeper- Finding a burned bulb on a strand of 100 lights is almost like finding a needle in the haystack. But if you have the Light Keeper, you're woes could be over. The makers claim their product can find the problem bulb in the squeeze of a trigger. The Light Keeper works when it beeps. And when it stops beeping, then you've found your trouble. I spared myself hours of unplugging each bulb using this product. One I recommend you have for next year.

The Roll-Away Hose- It's a product the makers say is lighter than the average watering hose and easier to store, so they say. But I had no luck rolling away the hose. Not only that, the hose exploded on us. The Roll-Away Hose is the proper name for this product. Roll-Away from me. I'm not buying into your claims.

Brinks Home Security Fire Safe- Our final four of the year product couldn't have happened without the help of the Lubbock fire department. We tested the Brinks Home Security Fire Safe, a product claiming to protect your valuables from fire. "You ready to test this?" "Yeah I'm ready you ready?" After the fire was put out, the fire safe was burnt to a crisp on the outside. But the valuables were untouched by the fire.

Out of the 50 products this year, 27 worked and 23 of them did not work.

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