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DeLeon reverses herself on controversial animal shelter issue

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After 10 p.m. Thursday, Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda Deleon made a public written statement saying she no longer supports the construction of a new animal shelter in Mackenzie Park. 

Council approved the location in June, and it is the subject of a lawsuit by a handful of Lubbock residents.  In the face of the lawsuit the city has put the project on pause in lieu of a July 28th public hearing.  Deleon's entire statement is posted below.



The report to the Lubbock City Council on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 by the council appointed Citizen

The CAC Report to the City Council dated June 30, 2009, states [p. 11]

In recent years additional examples of neglect to public assets has resulted in the demolition of the Guadalupe Neighborhood Center; the demolition of a party house in Mackenzie Park, just last week; the Landowner Party House, now unable to be rented and utilized because of the lack of maintenance, thus safety issues; the Godeke Library, which resulted in closing its doors to the public and will soon be demolished; and, the Mahon Library, which the committee stated in their report Yet, failed to be recommended!

Another public asset of Lubbock that continues to be severely disregarded is the Civic Center, which was built to honor the residents that perished in the May 1970 tornado of Lubbock. Now we dishonor those folks, as well as the citizens of Lubbock who entrust in their elected officials to be conscious of public-owned assets.

The CAC expressed it best, "As we met, it became clear to us that city services are "barely funded" and approaching "underfunded" status.  Additionally the city needs to have adequate general fund revenue to take care of the assets that citizens have already funded." [P. 13]

Therefore, I no longer support the construction of the proposed Animal Shelter to be placed in Mackenzie Park.

Based on the report of the CAC, they verify the concern of my constituents that this facility will require daily upkeep and routine maintenance, and could potentially fall into such deplorable conditions, as the current animal shelter.

The budget being proposed further confirms that the Mayor and some members of the city council do not believe in maintaining tax payer's assets.

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Animal Shelter Lawsuit
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