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Food for Thought Report 1.2

Aside from Christmas Day, most restaurants were open straight through the Holidays, and that means health inspectors kept busy throughout the Season of Giving as well. This week, health inspectors dropped in on 12 restaurants and food establishments and the results are a lot like that bag of nuts you may have received over the Holidays, mixed! Of the 12, not one made our top performing list, and only one made the low performing list.

This week's sole low performer is the Fast Stop at 4602 North Frankford Avenue. Fast Stop had four critical violations.

  • Broken eggshells were found in the fresh egg trays. That is a cross-contamination concern.
  • Inspectors found mouse droppings along a wall and inside a cabinet.
  • Inspectors found burritos that were not date marked. No date, no proof it is not spoiled.
  • Inspectors say there was no hot water in the entire store.

Food for Thought called management and they told us everything has been corrected. They say the hot water heater went out and has since been replaced. They say an exterminator came out and placed several bait traps to take care of the mice. They also say the burritos had no date-marking, but they were prepared fresh that morning.

The Fast Stop passed its reinspection.

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