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Lubbock Pets Take on a NEW Look

Another sign of the new year are new laws and one that will affect you and protect your pets is now in the books in Lubbock. It comes in the form of a new license tag and it's required by the city for every domesticated animal.

Pets live in at least 100,000 households in Lubbock and now the city wants each one of those pets to wear a new tag. "The state law, the way it was written allows a city to charge a fee for rabies control within the City and that's what the license is for and $2.50 is pretty minimal for the fee," says Nancy Hickman, of the Center Manager of the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

Hickman says rabies cases are sporadically found in this area, mainly in skunks and bats but their bite can be deadly. "Rabies will kill anything that's the problem theres no cure for rabies," Hickman said.

The new license tag will also benefit pet owners. Each animal will have a tag number, like your car license plate and if your pet gets lost the number will assist in finding the pet and contacting the owner. "I think a lot of pet owners don't realize is that when they go to the vet and get their rabies vaccination and the vet gives them a tag to put on that it's really a city license tag. What we're doing though is changing the look of the tag to provide better service to citizens for lost and found pets," Hickman says.

In the year 2002 the City shelter matched more than 1,700 pets with their owners, and this new pet license tag will make that task even easier.

If you have the old rabies tag, its good until your pets' shots expire, that's when you need to get a new pet license. You can get a new tag and your veterinary office or at the city animal shelter.

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