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Picking The Perfect Gym

By June, only about 20% of those who signed up at a gym in January will still be working out.  "The biggest mistake people make is, is signing up with a facility that cannot give them the support that they need to reach their goals," says Michael Nelson, owner of Bodyworks Fitness and Wellness Center in Lubbock. 

So check it all out carefully. Take a close look at your membership agreement. "Read the front, read the back," says Nelson. "What facilities are you getting to use? The length of your membership and any cancellation options you may have."

Take a thorough tour of the gym. "What do the locker rooms look like? What do the shower areas look like? Know, what do the saunas look like if they have a sauna. So, you want to look for cleanliness," says Nelson.

What one gym calls a trainer, another may not. "Do they have a degree in this field? For example, we have physical therapists on staff, exercise physioogists. People with degrees in exercise sports science, kineseology, things like that."

Overall, if you're not happy with your gym, chances are you won't lose the weight. "You know, exercise, it's a lifestyle change," says Nelson.  "It's something you need to do from today, until the day you die.  The most important thing about your membership is geting the facility that has the staff that's going to support you, has the equipment that's going to help you and has got classes that are going to keep you coming."

Nelson gives a few other pieces of advice in finding a good gym:

  • Check for a child care and other facilities.  Make sure the child care center is somewhere you would want to leave your child.
  • Have a personal interview with your trainer to make sure the two of you fit.
  • Check the membership agreement and make sure you know exactly how much you'll be paying.
  • Find a gym that has hours which fit your schedule.
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