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HealthWise at 5 From 1.3

  • AFCI

Preventing injuries from home fires isn't a job just for smoke detectors. A new device can help detect the potential for a fire within the wall caused by electrical arcing. The new Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter can detect electrical arcing conditions. Arcing can be caused by accidentally nailing a picture into an electrical wire or simply from old, worn wiring. The AFCI must be installed by a qualified electrician, and will trip the circuit breaker if it detects a problem.

  • Migraine Therapy

A new nutritional supplement may help reduce migraine severity and frequency. The supplement, Migrahealth, includes three ingredients carious studies have shown to alleviate migraines. Themineral Magnesium, Riboflavin, which is also known as Vitamin B-2 and the herb Feverfew are the key ingredients in the twice-a-day tablets.

The doctors who developed Migrahealth say the supplement is not designed to give immediate pain relief, but will lessen episodes and severity of migraine pain within three to six weeks.

  • Office Germs

Going to work might get you sick, according to researchers who say the workplace is a pretty germy place this time of year. Researchers at the University of Arizona say a sick person can leave a trail of thousands of virus particles on every surface they touch from door knobs and staplers to telephones and keyboards. Fewer than 100 particles of the common cold virus can make you sick, so they recommend regularly cleaning your work space to wipe out some of those germs and your risk.

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