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Help Your Children Fight Obesity

Here's a New Year's resolution. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would like to see every parent to adopt an effort to help our children fight obesity.

"Between 1980 and 1999, the prevalence of overweight children doubled and overweight teenagers tripled," said Bill Dietz, M.D., who is with Centers for Disease Control.

Dr. Bill Dietz is spearheading what's become a national campaign. He says targeting kids gives us our best shot at fighting what has become an American epidemic, obesity. Dr. Dietz says there are two things we can do to help our kids. For one, breast milk in the first six months of life reduces the risk of obesity, and he says kids are clearly not active enough, and the culprit, he believes, is T.V.

"Whether the mechanism has to do with inactivity or increased consumption of the foods advertised on television is not yet certain. But it's almost irrelevant because if you turn off the television, obesity improves," said Dr. Dietz.

"Throughout my life, it's been really hard to stay active. Ever since I was born, the T.V. has just been right there in front of me. I have cable, so I'm more of a mindless puppet of the T.V. world," said Mac Mahmood, who is fighting obesity. Fourteen year-old Mac Mahmood says he is finally trying to get active, but at 245 pounds, he knows he has a lot of work to do.

Another problem for kids today, according to the CDC, is that 11% of the average American teenager's calories in a given day come from sodas, which are almost pure sugar. So, if you're motivated like I am to encourage healthier eating habits at home, you might be interesteed in a good website just for kids on the prevention of obesity, just (click here).

Here's some more great sites for you to check out:

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