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NewsChannel 11 Investigates: Fast Food Drive-Thru's Put to the Test

By Nicole Pesecky - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's happened to most of us - fast food drive thru's giving you the wrong order. NewsChannel 11 put some of our favorite fast food restaurants through the drive thru test. NewsChannel 11's Nicole Pesecky has those results.

Over 50 million people in the US visit fast food hot spots daily. Many fast food joints advertise that you can have it your way! But once you pull away, did you really get what you ordered? We tested 11 different fast food stops. They were picked randomly. We ordered at least one meal at each drive thru. So who passed and who failed?

Our first stop was the McDonald's at 19th and the West Loop. We ordered 4 burgers, 4 chicken sandwiches, a 10 and 20 piece chicken nuggets, a large Dr. Pepper and 3 small Sprites. McDonald's passed our test but not with flying colors. Two of the small Sprites had gnats floating in them, one also had a fly.

Our next stop was Weinerschnitzel at 50th & I-27. They passed, as did the KFC and McDonald's in the same area. We asked for no onions at the Long John Silver's at 50th and the Interstate, but we got onions. They failed our test.

From there we headed to the Burger King at the S. Loop at University. They passed. The Sonic, Whataburger and the Subway drive thru's were tested next, all near 82nd and University, and each one of those passed as well.

To wrap up our investigation, we go for Mexican, stopping at the Taco Bell and the Taco Bueno near 82nd and University. They both passed as well.

Albert Hernandez, the GM of Orlando's, says they have almost a perfect accuracy rate for their to-go store even though a lot could go wrong. "As long as it gets rung up right, the cooks make it right, before it goes back out it gets double checked by cooks. We have a to-go person that checks it out," Hernandez explains.

To wrap up our results only one fast food stop gave us the wrong order during our test - the Long John Silver's on 50th and the Interstate. Not bad for the fast food drive thru biz.

As for that McDonald's which served two beverages with gnats floating in them. Brian Swiggart, the Operations Manager with McDonald's Greater Southwest Region, issued a statement saying, "We take matters concerning restaurant sanitation extremely seriously. Upon learning about these concerns, we immediately began to gather the facts. He goes on to say, this restaurant has an exemplary track record with the health department."

As for our fast food drive thru test, of course, you should always check your order before you pull away.

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