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Karin McCay reports on Today Show couple's celebrity encounters

NEW YORK CITY (KCBD) - Wednesday is the big day for Lubbock bride Leigh Daniel and fiancé Nick Cordes. That's when the new "celebrities" will get married in front of millions on the TODAY Show, but as NewsChannel 11's Karin McCay explains celebrities are just a part of the life in the Big Apple.

You might think New York City is crawling with fame, and everybody knows somebody who is famous. "Hey, have you ever met anybody famous?"  "Yes," says a man on the street dressed in what looks like a hotel employee uniform.  He continues, "A few people, some major league baseball players, Cody Ranson, Darrel Strawberry, Jon Secada, and Vanilla Ice to name a few."

While riding in a cab we asked the driver, "Who's been in this cab that was famous?"  And the answer is, "Well, I had Uma Thurman once.  She was really beautiful."

And if you like the TODAY Show, it's really easy to make friends with the on-air talent, because they're not afraid to mingle or even sing a little with the crowd.

Rockefeller Plaza is where you watch the TODAY Show every morning.  It looks like a huge area on TV, but really it's a small space between two buildings. Sometimes there are as many as 2,000 people here. 

It's just a way of life around here, rubbing shoulders with the rich & famous. "Ben Affleck has come through here, L.L. Cool J.," says one office worker. 

"Everybody still impresses me," says another woman in the NBC offices & studios.  "It's cool when you walk the hallways here and you see people whether they're coming to see a show or they're coming to do a newscast.  It's still pretty cool."

And now the Leigh Daniel and Nick Cordes have been cruising around New York on the TODAY Show almost every day for weeks, bumping into famous people is not such a big deal anymore. "Of course, all the people on the show, Matt, Meredith, Natalie," says Leigh.  "We met Martha Stewart."

Leigh says she doesn't think she's famous, but she is.  We saw people looking at her when she was eating lunch in the plaza.  And why else would she get a wedding gift (a wedding scrapbook) from a whole city? "We keep looking at each other and cracking up, like how did we get all this stuff.  We feel so lucky."

This beautiful album from all her fans in Lubbock describes in pictures her Today Show rise to fame, along with emails from the people who love her back home; thanks to Down Memory Lane, Covenant Health System and NewsChannel 11. 

No wonder the bridesmaids are nervous. They too have a chapter in Leigh's book. "Very, very cool," says Leigh.  And then she hugs the album and says, "Thank you."

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Karin McCay reports on Today Show couple's pre-wedding preparations
ust two days until Lubbock native Leigh Daniel fiancée Nick Cordes wed on the TODAY Show in front of a national audience. NewsChannel 11's Karin McCay reports on the couple's pre-wedding preparations.

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