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Historic alcohol sale Wednesday morning in Lubbock County

By Angelica Longoria | email

James Clark | email

Here's a quick update on alcohol sales in Lubbock County.  Tuesday we told you about Rick's Place, the first store in Lubbock County able to sell packaged alcohol authorized by the recent may elections.  And Wednesday the owner of Rick's Place, Rick Claybrook, did just that. He sold the first bottle of liquor (under the new rules) ever in west Lubbock County, and of course he was very pleased with the historic purchase.

"I think it's a lucky deal that we got in here first," says Claybrook. "But it's an awesome thing for the store. We're gonna have something for a while that nobody else has out here."

Because of a pending lawsuit, stores inside Lubbock city limits need to wait until August 10 to apply for a liquor license.

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