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Arrested lawman's family says innocent until proven guilty

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) Folks continue to talk about the raid that sent two Hockley County Sheriff's deputies to jail. It's been nearly a week since the arrest of 23 people in a massive drug raid in Levelland.  

News of Friday's arrest both saddened and shocked former Chief Deputy Gordon Bohannon's family members, who ask people to let justice take its course. "I've been surprised at how quickly folks have found glee in rushing to judgment," says Randy Hamilton, a family member to Bohannon. 

That "glee" he says has been exchanged on Internet forums and through chatter across the South Plains. "It seems like this whole concept of innocent until proven guilty is just disappeared. Folks are quick to take the indictment and say that's the verdict and it's not the way the country is set up," Hamilton says.

While they know their brother faces federal charges family says they stand by Bohannon. "Everyone has pulled together and said ‘what can I do to help?'," says Hamilton. "There's a good amount of support in Levelland for Gordon Bohannon because he comes from a 24 year career in the community."

That very same community and surrounding county are still talking about Friday's raid. "I've been around town and it's the talk of Levelland," says resident Stephen Garza.

"Everyone talking about it, and I'm sure it will be subject of conversations for quite some time," says Russ Ann Snider.

Snider has called Levelland home all her life, and says Friday's raid did not surprise her but that the community needs to move forward. "Of course when someone is caught in a situation, you want to stand by them and believe they are telling the truth. My heart goes out to all those people who got caught in the middle and not knowing what was going on and it," says Snider.

And that has family members asking for prayers. "I hope folks take time to pray for a family that suddenly finds itself upside down. I don't know what tomorrow will bring; let everything work itself out in the courts."

A fund has been set up at any area Wells Fargo to help with Bohannon's legal fees. To get that account number e-mail A fund has also been set up for Deputy Jesse Quintanilla for his legal funds. To get that account number email

Sheriff's deputies fired, suspended after arrest in Levelland
According to Hockley County Sheriff, David Kinney, Deputy Chief Gordon Bohannon was officially fired Monday. However, Narcotics Officer Jesse Quintanilla was only suspended with pay.

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