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Make Sure Your Child Gets His TD Booster this Year

If you have older kids in elementary school, you probably remember us telling you that a TD booster shortage was making the 12 year-old kids wait for that shot until the nation could boost its supply. Well, we have the okay now to get those big kids in for their booster shots before the next school year starts.

Toddlers get a Tetanus/ Diphtheria shot at age two, then 10 years later, kids need a TD booster at age 12. The Texas Department of Health says the deadline now is July 31st for kids to get that booster. You will need proof of immunization by the time your kids enter school next fall. So this Saturday is your first chance to get kids into a TD booster clinic. The Lubbock Health Department will be providing those shots for $5 Saturday from 9a.m. to noon for kids between the ages of 11 and 18.

"In May of 2001 we received notice that there was a shortage of Tetanus/ Diphtheria vaccine, now they have produced enough vaccine and all children will have to show proof of a recent TD booster by August 2003," says Becky Brawley of the Lubbock Health Department.

Becky says don't forget to bring your shot record to the clinic. That is required before you can get immunized. It is $5 a child and Medicaid is accepted, but Becky says no child will be turned away because they can not afford to pay.

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