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Lubbock residents celebrate council's decision about animal shelter

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock residents celebrated Saturday after the Lubbock City Council scratched Mackenzie Park off their list of possible locations for an animal shelter. Now, the council must come up with a new location.

Lubbock citizens approved $3 million towards a new animal shelter in a 2004 bond election. It's now 2009, and the council still has not found a location for the shelter. In April of this year the council agreed to put it at Mackenzie Park, but the citizens of Lubbock disagreed so much they filed a lawsuit against the city stating they did not want the animal shelter in Mackenzie Park or any other park.

"What happen was, I don't think that they thought we would do this and you had a handful of people black and brown, green disenfranchised and white said no," said Eddie Richardson.

After a two hour special meeting on Friday the council came to an agreement. Mackenzie Park or any other park is no longer an option for the animal shelter. "I think all seven council members now recognize we've got to get it done," said Councilman Todd Klein. 

While they decided where not to put the animal shelter, the question still remains, where should the animal shelter go? "I think any where that is centrally located," suggests Lubbock resident Nadia Gonzales.

"The city should possible buy some land outside the city limits," added Betty Mendez.

"I'm not going to say well put it on the Westside, put it on the Southside, put it on the Northside.  We're glad it's not on the Eastside. No, put it in a place where all citizens in Lubbock will respect their move, their decision to do something for the dogs," said Donny Hoople. 

The city now must find another location and it could take several weeks before they present new options.

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