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Threat of War Weighs Heavy on Families

"You don't want to die for your country, you want to make the other guy die for his," said Chad McCormick. For him, those are words to live by. He's a specialist with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

On leave in Lubbock, he's visiting family and friends before another tour of duty. "I don't want Chad to go to Iraq, to do anything," said Rick McCormick. His father is both proud and protective. Confident in the capabilities of his son as soldier, but naturally concerned in his own role as father.

"You know, something could happen to you and you could handle it, but it's a lot tougher to deal with your children, if something happened to them," said Rick.

He returns to duty next week, where talk of going to war dominates the conversation. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody wants to get shot at, but everybody wants to go do something, because that's what we get trained to do," said Chad. "Going to ranges, being out in the field for no reason, it gets old. Everybody wants to be -- we call it going to the show, be just like a baseball player making it to the major leagues. A lot of of guys want to do something because that's what they joined for."

"If he goes, I understand. I'll be proud of him and I will never say anything negative about it, but you don't want your children to be killed," said Rick.

Two men, two relationships. Father and son, civilian and soldier.

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