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How Much Damage has Your Smoking Habit Done to Your Lungs?

A lot of people who smoke have lung damage and don't even know it. But a new test you can take at home may help you determine what kind of shape your lungs are in. Marti Perrone took the test. She smoked for 25 years, but like a lot of smokers, she didn't want to see a doctor because she was afraid of what she'd find out.

"Even running down the stairs I was winded. Just always feeling out of breath," says Marti Perrone who smoked for 25 years.

The lung profiler test is a questionnaire on the internet set up by the American Lung Association. It takes all your answers and calculates the chances that you've already damaged your lungs. That test convinced Marti that she really needed to see a doctor. "The value is identifying patients who wouldn't otherwise know that they have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease," says Dr. Len Horovitz, a Pulmonologist.

The reason you want a diagnosis is because then you can begin treatment which may be as simple as medication through an inhaler. For Marti, that was enough to stop the wheezing and shortness of breath and she says the lung profiler motivated her to quit smoking. She hasn't had a cigarette in two months. If you want to take the lung profiler test yourself, (click here).

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