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The Sim-Pul Luggage Handle: Does It Work?

When you're dragging rolling luggage around for hours, it can put strain on your wrist and shoulders, and that's exactly the reason why one flight attendant is the inventor of the Sim-Pul luggage grip. She claims the handle relieves the strain, but does it really work?

Greg Dedrick is a physical therapist at University Medical Center. He'll tell us if the Sim-Pul really does relieve the strain. "So by carrying the luggage with the Sim-Pul, you can carry it close to your side so you're not so far back. And also you put everything in a neutral position decreasing stress on the shoulder," said Greg.

But as we played with the Sim-Pul a little bit more, the product revealed something about itself. "Well, I think it will work fine to pull it. You just have to be careful when you stop. When you stop you need to be gentle," suggested Greg when he found out the Sim-Pul did not grip the handle very well.

"The other thing to is what if you hit a curb. And it twists side-to-side, I think it will work itself off. It's kind of flimsy," said Greg.

We demonstrated how easy the Sim-Pul could be pulled off the handle. And, time and time again, the Sim-Pul did not want to stay attached to the luggage. Strain reliever on the wrist? Yes. But think about your back every time you have to pick your luggage up. The Sim-Pul, doesn't work.

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