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Cash for Clunkers incentive gets ready to kick off

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The federal government's goal is to get older cars off the road and stimulate new car sales.

Local dealerships around town like Frontier Dodge couldn't be more ready. "This is probably one of the best thing's that's happened to the automobile industry in awhile," said General Manager of Frontier Dodge Chrysler Jeep Bobby Ray.

Ray says he expects this weekend to be a big success for his company.  "The market's been a little tough right now and this is suppose to help the automobile business stimulate the business plus give the consumers a little money in their pocket, so it's going to be a win situation for both of us," said Ray.

Your vehicle must be at least a 2001, but no older than 25 years and must get less than 18 miles a gallon to qualify. Depending on what your vehicle qualifies for you'll get either a $3500 or $4500 voucher that can be used to buy or lease a brand new car.  "There are some guidelines you have to follow it should be in their name and so forth, but as long as they qualify we are willing to participate and help out the customer," said Ray.

And Chrysler is ready to throw in another incentive.  They will take an additional $4500 off any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep model.  "It's going to be pretty strict, but if somebody has that older model vehicle somebody is going to qualify for that extra incentive," said Ray.

Most new car dealerships will participate in the Cash for Clunkers incentive program, but some critics say the program has taken a detour from what was intended.  "What began as a reasonable idea to get clunkers off the road, and try to move some more efficient vehicles in their stead, has been hijacked by the auto industry and their friends in Congress," said Dan Becker with Safe Climate Campaign.

But Ray believes it's a step in the right direction. "Chrysler started a new company, they went through the bankruptcy to start of new company and it's going to be stronger than ever of course General Motors did the same thing so we're all here for the long haul," said Ray.

Most dealerships will start Cash for Clunkers on Thursday. Frontier dodge they will kick off the program on Friday.

Dealerships do want to urge this is on a first come first serve basis, it will continue until November 1st or when the government funding runs out.

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