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Lubbock City Council Issues 1.9

The Lubbock City Council made your next trip to Lake Alan Henry a little more expensive. The council raised the price for anyone who uses the lake, but it's a little less pricey if you live in Lubbock. For Lubbock residents, the per person cost is up from $3 to $4 on weekdays and $5 on weekends. If you don't live in Lubbock, you'll pay $6 on weekdays and $8 on weekends. The new fees take effect immediately.

Meanwhile, the council was also trying to help Citibus with its money troubles. They want Congress to change a law so the city doesn't have to pay for the cost of operating Citibus. As NewsChannel 11 told you on Wednesday night, Citibus gets federal money every year, but when Lubbock's population went over 200,000, they lost part of that money. The current law says they can only use part of that money for day to day to costs. So Thursday, the council decided to ask Congress to change the law so Citibus can use it however they need it. If the law is not changed, the city may have to give Citibus nearly $450,000 to operate in 2004.

Concern continues to rise over money issues and the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. ubbock City Manager Bob Cass says he's not pleased with what he's hearing about all this. The city's auditing committee has found LP&L and the WTMPA were not following their joint contracts on how to do business. The WTMPA sells electricity to Lubbock and a few surrounding West Texas towns. This summer, investigations revealed a questionable $5 million deal between LP&L the WTMPA. A deal no one at city hall seemed to know about. Now, Cass and his team are trying to get answers, which, so far, aren't making anyone happy. "I'm just seeing some contract management issues that concern me very much and diplease me very much," says Cass.

What's contract management? Well, basically, you've got a series of contracts between LP&L and WTMPA and managing and administering those contracts. Cass did not give a specific date when the audit would be complete, but says it will happen soon.

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