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The Fight Is Over But Not Lost

The fight is over, but it is not lost. Jana Grimsley has decided to dismiss the lawsuit. A judge will terminate the injunction order Saturday, and demolition will resume on Monday. "Ya'll have elected the city council and under ya'll form of government the city council makes the decisions they do what they want to do," says Grimsley's attorney, Dennis Reeves.

At Friday night's town hall meeting, Reeves said they ran out of legal ground. Here's why. Abernathy is a general law type-A municipality, and under this type of government the decision of whether or not to demolish city hall ultimately rests with city council.

Now, city council could hold a referendum and ask people what they want done. But, it is not binding, so in essence, the city council could completely ignore the people. More than 100 Abernathy residents came out Friday night, to show their support for Grimsley and her efforts, but there were also a handful of council supporters. Council supporter, Kyle Apperson says, "They sat on their hands, 19 months ago they tried to fix the building, they tried to put a roof on it and get it fixed 19 months ago the city council tabled it and they didn't push it through."

John Vandergriff is against the demolition and says, "It looks like we don't have many options or opportunities for anything other than to let the city council run rampant for the next few months and then replace them." Jana Grimsley says, "In may the bigger picture here is that the people know now, a lot of people think that there one vote doesn't matter but it really does." Grimsley says she hopes everyone learns from this situation, and in the future, Abernathy citizens will elect people they feel will represent them, and listen to them.

On May 5th both the mayor and two city councilmen will be up for reelection. Grimsley says it's a possibility she may run for council herself.

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